A Web Presence is More Than a Web Site

What may not be obvious to many businesses today is that a web site is only one piece of the multi-pronged strategy necessary to achieve high visibility online.

While your web site may serve as the flagship of your online presence, there is a lot more business-generating activity online that you need to know about and take advantage of.

For example, that new customer who called the phone number on your web site may have been referred from a blog or an online forum. Or, she may have received a competitor’s email marketing piece that got her thinking about products and services you sell online or in her local area. In other words, there’s a good chance your web site was not the first place your customer found you online.

So… your marketing plan must involve becoming PRESENT in as many online venues and conversations as possible. This calls for participation in social media (like Facebook and LinkedIn), reviews and opinions web sites, e-mail marketing programs, online press releases, and various other activities. This sounds like a big job, but it is necessary for success in an ever-busier Web-based world, and it can be done.

Triangle WebCare specializes in developing Internet and Web marketing strategies with one goal in mind: attracting new prospects to your business, engaging them in a business relationship, and retaining them for years to come.


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